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Cancellation Policy

I charge a 50% cancellation fee for any no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please come into your first appointment with no makeup on your eyes so the lashes can adhere to the natural lash properly. If you wear contacts, please make sure to take them out before your appointment and bring glasses. Also come prepared to not get your lashes wet for at least 12 hours after your lash appointment.

Mascara should not be worn on the lash extensions. This causes buildup on the natural lashes, and causes the lashes to fall out quicker. It will also add more weight to your natural lashes and may cause them to break. Mascara can be worn on the bottom lashes and should be removed with the lash cleanser used to clean your extensions.

Lashes should be cleaned with the cleanser that is sold at Lush Lash and Skin Studio. It is recommended to clean your lashes every two to three days unless other makeup is being worn with the extensions. In that case, your lash extensions should be cleaned every day to avoid buildup. To clean lashes, use a pump of the foam cleanser on a clean makeup brush that is provided, and gently clean the lashes in a circular motion. Rinse with water and pat dry. Wait until lashes are fully dry to brush through them.

Swimming is completely fine to do with lash extensions. After being in the water, it is recommended to clean your lashes and make sure to brush them so the stay looking nice and full.

Lash fills vary from person to person and some clients are able to keep the lashes looking great for longer, while others lose the extensions more quickly. On average, clients come in for a lash fill every two to three weeks.

Lashes should stay dry for a minimum of 12 hours after your full set or fill appointment. Oils should be avoided around the eye due to the oil breaking down the bonds in the glue. Mascara should not be applied to the lash extensions. Extreme heat such as ovens, lighters, blow-dryers and much more should be avoided because the heat can singe the lash extensions.

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