Get ready to trade in your mascara and wake up ready with lashes! Lash extensions enhance the eyes’ natural beauty and are a semi-permanent way to get fuller and longer lashes. Each lash extension is placed carefully on one natural lash and is meant to last until the natural lash sheds from the eye.

Lash extensions are offered in many different styles, lengths, thicknesses and curves and are customizable to be anywhere from natural to full glam. Lash extensions are meant to last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. 

woman getting eyelash extensions


Facials are a great way to help improve any concerns in the skin or help to maintain a healthy and glowing appearance. All facial services are customized to each client depending on skin type. A facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin to provide the outcome that you desire.

At Lush Lash and Skin Studio, we exclusively carry GlyMed Plus Skincare. This line is pharmaceutical grade, which means it can only be purchased through a skincare professional, and it requires much more rigorous testing before it is able to be sold. 

Each product is made with high quality ingredients and can help fight many skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, aging and many others. GlyMed Plus products are created in a four-step system to make homecare as easy and effective as possible. The four steps are: cleanse, treat, balance, and protect.


Lush Lash and Skin Studio offers a range of facial waxing including brow, lip, face and chin waxes. The wax that is used is a sensitive wax that ensures to get every hair but also makes the service as smooth and painless as possible. Waxing allows for the hair to be removed at the root, which means that the hair oftentimes grows back slower and finer. It also exfoliates the area that is being waxed and removes any dead skin cells.

Tinting can be done on the eyebrows or lashes. This allows you to fill in your eyebrows or help make your eyelashes pop and can last up to four weeks. This makes the mornings easy and provides color to light or uneven hair. Tinting gives a fresh and natural look and each color can be customized depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

woman with waxed brows
woman with spray tan


A spray tan is a form of sunless tanning where a thin mist is sprayed onto the skin to give a natural and airbrushed tan. Each color can be customized to match your skin’s undertone and won’t turn orange unlike most sunless tanners. We use Norvell products that go on effortlessly, provide a great quality color, and don’t leave a harsh spray tan smell when you leave the salon. 

Each spray tan should be left on anywhere from 4-12 hours, depending on the solution that is being applied. A spray tan is great for a vacation or if you want a bronzed look without the hassle of doing it at home.

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