Products I Carry

I am committed to using only high quality products at Lush Lash and Skin Studio. These products will not damage your lash health. At Lush Lash and Skin Studio, we exclusively carry GlyMed Plus Skincare. This line is pharmaceutical-grade which means it can only be purchased through a skincare professional, and it requires much more rigorous testing before it is able to be sold. Each product is made with high quality ingredients, and can help fight many skin conditions including acne, pigmentation, aging and many others. GlyMed Plus products are created in a four-step system to make homecare as easy and effective as possible. The four steps are: cleanse, treat, balance, and protect. 

You can purchase these products at my studio at your next appointment.

Anti Aging Exfoliant Masque

Anti-Aging Exfoliating Masque

This masque improves skin firmness, tone and texture with a blend of physical and chemical exfoliants. It rebuilds and recharges worn-out skin and is still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Mega Purifying Cleanser

Mega-Purifying Cleanser

This gentle cleanser dissolves makeup, oil and debris on the skin. It not only provides a deep clean but also contains age defying antioxidants to helps with dryness and fine lines. This cleanser is also safe for lash extensions.

Daily Repair Mega Moisture Cream

Daily Repair Mega Moisture Cream

This is a lightweight but deeply hydrating cream that repairs skin and fights against acne causing bacteria. It is packed with healing and repairing botanicals to increase the skin's radiance.

Glow Collection

Glow Collection

Achieve luminous, radiant skin with this collection of antioxidant-rich products. This collection includes 7 products that will help to cleanse and moisturize your skin while giving it the glow that you desire.

Ultimate Collection products line

Ultimate Collection

All the necessities you need for the best skincare routine. Including 9 of the best Glymed Plus skincare products, it will wow your skin with the performance and ingredients to help any skin need.