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Get ready to trade in your mascara and wake up ready with lashes! Lash extensions enhance the eyes’ natural beauty and are a semi-permanent way to get fuller and longer lashes. Each lash extension is placed carefully on one natural lash and is meant to last until the natural lash sheds from the eye. Lash extensions are offered in many different styles, lengths, thicknesses and curves and are customizable to be anywhere from natural to full glam. Lash extensions are meant to last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Classic lashes are the most natural style of lashes. This is a technique in which one lash extension is applied to one, isolated natural lash. This is perfect for adding some fullness and length to the lashes, without them being overly dramatic. Classic lashes give the appearance of mascara, without having to apply it every morning.

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Hybrid lashes are middle ground between classic and volume lashes. It is a 50/50 mix of classic lashes and handmade volume fans to give more fullness to the lash line. These lashes are great for anyone wanting to add a bit more drama to classic lashes or for clients who don’t want the fullness of volume lashes.

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Volume lashes are 2-8 thin lashes fanned out. Each volume fan is placed on one, isolated lash to create a dense and dramatic look. Volume lashes are also great for a client who has sparse natural lashes because it adds volume and fullness. Since each fan is handmade, volume lashes can vary from a more natural/ lightweight look to very dramatic.

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A lash lift mimics the effects of an eyelash curler and perms the eyelashes up to give a longer, thicker, and darker lash line. It curls your lashes up from base to tip so you are able to see the full length of the lash. This service is great for clients who can’t commit to eyelash extensions or have grown an allergy to lashes in the past. This service lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks and there is no maintenance between treatments. A tint is not required with the lift, but it is recommended to achieve the best results and provide darker lashes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please come into your first appointment with no makeup on your eyes so the lashes can adhere to the natural lash properly. If you wear contacts, please make sure to take them out before your appointment and bring glasses. Also come prepared to not get your lashes wet for at least 12 hours after your lash appointment.

Mascara should not be worn on the lash extensions. This causes buildup on the natural lashes, and the lashes to fall out quicker. It will also add more weight to your natural lashes and may cause them to break. Mascara can be worn on the bottom lashes and should be removed with the lash cleanser used to clean your extensions.

Lashes should be cleaned with the cleanser that is sold at Lush Lash and Skin Studio. It is recommended to clean your lashes every two to three days unless other makeup is being worn with the extensions. In that case, your lash extensions should be cleaned every day to avoid buildup. To clean lashes, use a pump of the foam cleanser on a clean makeup brush that is provided, and gently clean the lashes in a circular motion. Rinse with water and pat dry. Wait until lashes are fully dry to brush through them.

Swimming is completely fine to do with lash extensions. After being in the water, it is recommended to clean your lashes and make sure to brush them so they stay looking nice and full.

Lash fills vary from person to person and some clients are able to keep the lashes looking great for longer, while others lose the extensions more quickly. On average, clients come in for a lash fill every two to three weeks.

Lashes should stay dry for a minimum of 12 hours after your full set or fill appointment. Oils should be avoided around the eye due to the oil breaking down the bonds in the glue. Mascara should not be applied to the lash extensions. Extreme heat such as ovens, lighters, blow-dryers and much more should be avoided because the heat can singe the lash extensions.

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